Christian Castro / Explorer-in-Chief

West Seattle is like our little town. I'm here exploring its history, documenting its stories, drinking and eating all it has to offer. I do marketing and business strategy for small-businesses and startups. Let's catch a beer and discuss ideas, electric cars, non-profits, music, or whatever!

I'm also a real estate agent in West Seattle. 


Lexi Castro / Co-Explorer

I love cooking so exploring all the amazing restaurants and bars is always a plus. I love the artisans that I've discovered in West Seattle so go check out local businesses like Alair that feature so many of their pieces. I'm also a mom taking care of our nugget Bodhi (rumored to be named after Bodhizafa IPA) and our pup-in-chief Vader. I moved here from Arizona and I've fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest.


Vader / Pup-in-chief

Vader enjoys long walks at Westcrest Dog Park or skateboarding at Alki. You can sometimes find him begging for beer and food truck scraps when he's chillings at Ounces and other awesome West Seattle bars.  Vader knows a few tricks so bribe him with treats! He'll be your best friend.

Vader was born on the 4th of July in Russia. True story.